Oregon Map of Hamilton project

Willamette River Bridge (Whilamut Passage)

Interstate 5 Bridges, North/South Bound. Eugene, Oregon

Start Date: May 2009
End Date: December 2013

2014 - Engineering New Record (ENR) Northwest Region Best Project – Overall
Best Project Transportation Category
Award Focus: Project Management and Innovation

Hamilton led construction with good results on the Oregon Dept. of Transportation's first Construction Management/General Contractor (CM/GC) project: The project was completed four months early and $15 million under budget. Upon completion, this bridge boasts the longest concrete arch spans in the state of Oregon and represents ODOT's largest bridge project. Dedicated in late 2013 as the Whilamut Passage in honor of the region's native Calapuya tribes, the twin arch spans replaced the existing "temporary" bridge built there in 2004 by Hamilton. The award winning design of the bridge is environmentally friendly, with each arch touching down only once in the river. Innovative construction practices such as the use of Bubble Curtains to protect fish during pile driving; use of equipment fueled by vegetable-based rather than petroleum-based products, fully contained work bridges to minimize construction impact to the environment, and the use of fish by-pass systems will assure that the Whilamut Passage is memorialized as one of the most environmentally forward new bridge construction projects in the nation.

Factoid: The I-5 Willamette River Bridge has to date received more than 20 awards including the Best Bridge Project in the Nation 2014 awarded by ENR (Engineering News Record).

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The public looking forward to the opportunity to walk on the bridge before opening to traffic, Art installation, and Northbound Opening Celebration with Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez.