Oregon Map of Hamilton project

Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge Rehabilitation – North Approach

North Bend, Oregon

Start Date: September 2013
End Date: Summer 2018
Owner: Oregon Department of Transportation

The rehabilitation of the 77-year old Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge has entered its second phase and once again, Hamilton Construction has been selected to help preserve this coastal treasure. (Hamilton recently completed a six year rehabilitation of the south approach of the bridge.) North approach work includes cathodic protection, concrete repair, bearing replacements, bridge drain retrofits, and seismic restraints. Hamilton will also construct 38 spans of work bridge along with structural support for the cathodic protection work enclosure.

Interesting Factoid: Cathodic protection reduces saltwater-induced corrosion of bridge reinforcement steel by electrochemically "re-directing" the corrosive oxidation reaction to an applied surface coating of zinc.

McCullough bridge in 1938 shortly after construction.