Oregon Map of Hamilton project

ODOT: I-5: Fern Valley Interchange, Unit 2

Phoenix, Oregon

Start Date: 2013
End Date: September 2016
Owner: Oregon Department of Transportation

Hamilton has been selected as prime contractor for this two year freeway interchange improvement project. This project will increase traffic capacity and improve mobility for the fast growing Southern Oregon community of Phoenix – just south of Medford.

The project will construct two new bridges along Fern Valley Road. The first is a prestressed 75" Bulb I two span structure over Bear Creek (240'x100') to be constructed in stages with pile and MSE wall foundations.

The second structure is a two span prestressed box beam bridge over I-5 (170'-X120'), founded on MSE walls and pile foundations with drilled shafts and columns for the center pier. Both structures will feature decorative ornamental rail and aesthetic wall elements with cast-in-place decks and stamped concrete islands. The balance of the project consists of retaining walls (cast-in-place as well as MSE), all with ornamental features; major concrete paving with ornamental stamped islands, roadwork, landscaping, electrical, flatwork, asphalt paving, fencing and truss sign bridges.

The majority of bridge and retaining wall work will commence in mid-2014 and complete in late 2015, with an overall project completion time of September 2016. Traffic staging will be an important and sensitive component of this job.

Fun Fact: This project marks the first time a "Diverging Diamond" intersection design will be used on the West Coast of the United States. Used successfully in other parts of the country, this configuration should improve traffic flow as projected traffic volumes increase, and requires a smaller "footprint". Also known as the "Crossing Diamond", it provides a higher capacity to move traffic while reducing the number of signal cycles. See how it works on this ODOT YouTube video: